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About Us
Chris & HeatherHeather & Chris


Honoring the legacy of the original Lawrence's Cabins founded in 1991, our goal is to always provide an unforgettable vacation experience on Moosehead Lake, Maine.

We have lived the majority of our lives in the great state of Maine and of all the places we have been, Moosehead Lake has always been a very special place to the both of us. From family vacations to family reunions, our best memories are from right here in Rockwood Maine on Moosehead Lake.

The renovation of this property is a project that we are excited to share with the loyal guests of over 30 years as well as new guests that will have that unforgettable moment when they discover Moosehead Lake for the very first time just like we did.

We look forward to sharing these cabins with you and your family and thank you for staying with us! 

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